Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ROAD TRIP Continued.................

We need to do just a BIT of backtracking from yesterday.
Before the beautiful Sunset......

We went up to Thatcher, which is really only a few miles - maybe 4? - from Safford just to see the new Gila Valley LDS Temple.
 (For those who aren't from around here, that is pronounced "Hee-la".)
It just opened this summer.  We will go back and go inside when we have appropriate clothing - and not on a Saturday because they are pretty busy!  But we wanted to see it.  And maybe you would too....

On Highway 191 out after we left Safford
(taking the Scenic Highway cuz that's the BEST way to travel!)
You come to a town called Morenci.
Now, I know there are a lot of people who don't LIKE openpit mines.... and sometimes they are a bit ugly...
But sometimes, they unearth more of natures beauty....
Case in point?

See the three little dots on the road above the white marshmellow-looking thing on the left?  Those are big, huge, MASSIVE trucks!  The dump beds on them are so huge that a oneton truck could be put in them and have room to spare.  HUGE!

I really wish you could totally capture the breathtaking
colors with a camera..... The colors were so much deeper and richer than they show here...

The small town itself tried to be pretty but it was pretty well dusted with a light reddish gray covering.... I'm sure that's one reason so many who live in those areas end up with lung issues.
And for that, I feel bad.

 I apologize for the blurry shots - the car was moving -
but the colors are still wonderful, aren't they?

And now I must leave for work.....

Stay turned for Part 3!

This way you won't go nuts trying to read a really long blog!

You are welcome!


  1. AMAZING pics- I want to SEE that open mine sis!!! I can imagine the colors- I can SEE the variation there! and the TRUCKS look like tine specks- can you go down there? You must have- to see how big the dump trucks really were! And the sunset was gorgeous! Looks like half the sky was dark- storm rolling in maybe? I know there was a HUGE dust storm in Phoenix yesterday (but that was the day after you took these....)....that storm hit our news in Washington! Anyway- I am looking forward to part #3!!

  2. I don't know if you can do tours or anything - I just took pics. We drove past a parking area where the dumb beds were all lined up! I felt like a little ant in my car! The sunset shots showed clouds that were moving out.... but we did get rain off and on Saturday and then on Sunday as we were driving back home towards Globe from Showlow........

  3. Gorgeous colors in the sunset shots! And your new temple is lovely! Looks very much like the one in Monticello...


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